How does it work?

At the office

Before you auction your possession of stamps or coins, you undoubtedly want to know what the appraised proceeds are. A viewing by one of our experts is the best way to gain this insight. After making an appointment, the valuation can take place without obligation and free of charge at our office.

At location

For larger objects with a decent auction value, the appraiser will come to your home or other location if desired. These appraisals are also free, unless you decide not to submit the appraised for the auction. In that case you will owe travel and appraisal costs, which will be refunded if you decide to auction within six months.

Current market value

We value collections and lots with the aim of being able to auction them. Your property is valued at the current market value. In summary, you have the following options to get a reliable indication of the auction proceeds of your stamps and/or coins:

  • At our office
    This is always free of charge and without obligation: by appointment, from Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  • At your home or at another location
    Free of charge when submitting an entry of sufficient quality.
  • By post or by e-mail
    Only possible in special cases. Please contact us.

Valuations for notary or insurance

We also carry out valuations for the notarial profession and insurance. Valuations for notarial services or insurance are in principle carried out against reimbursement of the travel and valuation costs, as stated in our scheme. Naturally, the client receives a valuation report with the desired valuation and specifications. The notarial office is subject to the refund scheme for appraisal costs if the appraised item is offered for auction within six months.

Auction Fees

Auction costs are always in consultation and depend on the value and complexity of your entry for the auction. In general. The higher the value, the lower the commission, the higher the laboriousness, the higher the commission. This is a matter of mutual coordination, we always make you a sharp proposal as soon as we know what you would like to auction.

Appraisal fees

Rietdijk appraisal fees (PDF)